Thanks For Telling Me

Thanks For Telling Me Sometimes with the pleasures of life comes pain. And though the journey of motherhood is one of the greatest joys of a woman’s existence, all mothers can admit there are some pains that were definitely unpredictable. Thanks for Telling Me is the compassionate but comical guide for mothers at all stages, mothers to be, and women considering motherhood. Many women are surprised and sometimes feel solitude suffering in silence experiencing the unforeseen changes their little bundle of joy can bring to their body and emotions. Author and mother Charlee King through intimate accounts and education shares with wittiness and wisdom the process of pregnancy and post labor. King informs you of not only what you wish you would have known but also what you need to know, providing a realistic yet passionate approach on the process. You will definitely thank her for telling you what your mom, physician, and friends maybe didn’t reveal or what you didn’t even know to ask. This read raises awareness, enlightens, and provides that much needed insight and discovery, uncovering the understanding that what you are experiencing is more common than realized and portrayed. Thanks for Telling Me replaces that feeling of aloneness with support, connecting you with King as she shares her own personal journey that will make you cry, experience aha moments, and yes, it will also make you laugh. King is your guide and “Mommy Mentor,” equipping you for the process of being a mother. Though she doesn’t sugarcoat the serious physical and emotional struggles of motherhood, she provides that much needed preparedness for one of the most meaningful, selfless, and beautiful experiences of life, motherhood.

Charlee King

Charlee King’s success as a serial entrepreneur, health professional, author, national public speaker, and advocate has earned her features and recognition with major media platforms and organizations. Having carved out an impressive niche in the confection world on a national level as owner of the booming baking business Mommy’s Sweet Treats, she has been deemed the “Cookie Queen.” The concept of this cookie enterprise was birthed through her own personal challenges with milk production after the birth of her daughter and the difficulty receiving the proper support and knowledge. This is the heartbeat behind the company’s confections that moms and everyone can enjoy. The sweet mission behind each cookie enhances milk production, empowers, and aids mothers who are experiencing similar difficulties King herself has faced. With customers nationwide Mommy’s Sweet Treats raises awareness one vegan treat at a time and touches the lives of countless mothers so they never experience solitude but support.

Her purpose as a respected health professional combined with this entrepreneur endeavor raises awareness in areas where this vital health information for mothers and families is not readily available.

King holds a degree in psychology and is a Certified Lactation Consultant and Certified Lactation Counselor. Her knowledge affords her opportunities to speak and instruct on breastfeeding and similar topics relevant to mothers on platforms nationwide. She continues to expand her education being a Maternal Child Health Fellow at Texas Southern University in conjunction with the Baylor College of Medicine. King’s volunteerism, Mommy Meet Ups, Mommy Rooms, and breastfeeding classes for new mothers are positively impacting the Southern Region with plans for expanding these initiatives to be available around the nation. Though she appreciates her accolades and attainments, she boasts that her greatest accomplishment is being a mother.

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